Churna Island Package: Snorkeling + Speed Boating + Jet Ski Ride +
Cliff Diving + Caving + UW Snapping.


Churna Island for many is nothing less than a hidden paradise located in the Arabian Sea. Churna Island is best known and popular for Snorkeling and Scuba diving trips. Since the sea is calm with the absence of high tides, so the best time to snorkel is now especially in the months of November till April. It is a natural phenomenon that the water seems & feels much warmer during the winters as compared to the summers.


Snorkeling & Free diving

Snorkel ling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually fins. In cooler waters, a wet suit may also be worn.


Churna Island : Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving takes place from a cliff at Churna island, you dive into clear blue water from 30-50 feet height.


Churna Island : Cave Exploration

We will be exploring the caves at Churna island, they are hidden from naked eye but our experienced crew will take you deep into the heart of the mountain.


Underwater Photography

While you enjoy activities at Churna island, we will be constantly taking pictures until the moments are captured in the most amazing way, so you can enjoy your memories for years to come..

Lunch at Churna Island

We provide biryani at Churna island with refreshments.

Transport & Local Boat Ride to Churna Island

you will be taken to Churna island in air conditioned busses, which will take you to mubarak village. Local boats will take yo to Churna island.


Is it safe for non-swimmers?

yes, we make it safe and joyful with our competent ocean lover crew and best gear which includes Specialized Life jackets for water sport purpose.

How much deep water it is at snorkeling area?

It is about 10 to 15 feet approximately, which is ideal depth to enjoy snorkeling, further the safety gear make you irrespective of the depth.

Will i be free in ocean or there is any boundaries?

You have to follow the  guiding ropes, installed on water surface of the snorkeling area,

Can i swim alone ?

Swimming alone is not allowed, until or unless you are with our instructor or within the boundaries.

How will I swim forward, if I don’t know how to swim.

You can easily move forward by pulling the ropes, installed on the surface.

What i Should not Bring?

Arms and drugs are not allowed on trips.

Should i bring my swimming stuff?

You can enjoy water activity in regular shorts, tights, trousers and T-shirts (full sleeves advised) however, we provide wet suits specially designed for snorkeling in cold weather.

What should be my bag stuff for the excursion?

National Identity Card, Hat, Water proof Sun block- recommended SPF-90 plus, Towel, Sun Glasses, Hands-free to enjoy your favorite sound tracks while boat riding, Personal Drinking water bottle.

Can I bring my Camera?

Yes, You can bring, but if it is not water proof then it will remain on boat, when you will be into the water.

Can i book my private trip?

Yes, you can.

Is Cliff jumping Safe?

Yes it is, if you follow safety instructions.

What is the age limit to book adventure trip ?

10 years plus

Can i bring my valuables?

Yes on your own responsibility.

Is your trip safe from natural hazards?

Yes it is safe, we consider scientific weather forecast and information collected from our local representative of that area, before the trip, If it is risky then we postponed the trip.

Is travel safe?
We travel in convoy within Day light to prevent risk.


Package Price and Services

  • Venue: Churna Island
  • Dates: Every Weekend
  • Timing: Sun rise to Sun set (full day 12 hours trip)
  • Season: Winters (September to April)
  • Minimum group requirement:
  • No requirement, any individual can also join


Package Includes :

  • A/C Pick & Drop From Gulshan Usmania Restaurant & BoatBasin Nihari In Restaurant Clifton (Coaster/hi-acce).
  • Snorkeling kit Includes Diving Mask, Snorkel (A device/tube for breathing in water surface) , Life jacket (for non-swimmers), Wet Suits for cold weather.
  • Boat ride to Churna Island & Back to beach 10 Kim travel , takes 1hr to reach the island and 45 mints for back to beach.
  • Guided Snorkeling tour Ropes tied from boat to island on water surface for Non-Swimmers, Male & Female Instructors and Life Guards.
  • Underwater photography with training and multi shots session (we keep trying until we get a perfect & memorable photo of u).
  • Cliff Diving (Cliff Jumping) with Multi-shots Photography, safety instructors and crew
    Breakfast , Lunch & Drinks In breakfast we serve cake, tea and fruits (apple+bananas) and medicine of sea sickness for boat ride, In Lunch we serve Chicken biryani with Cold drinks/Juices and Coffee in Cold weather.


Online Booking Procedure

Make Payment @4500 at least 48 hours before the trip


Send us payment receipt with participant names & contact numbers at whatsapp or e-mail at 0345-8240100-111-222 / sales@farboatcharter.com


You ll receive Trip plan and other instructions via sms regarding what to bring in bag Note: Exclusive Private and customized (Close Group) Trips in Weekdays are available on request.